Santa Rosa Labyrinth

About Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D

I am a poet, a writer, mixed media artist, a creative consultant, and designer of labyrinths and sacred places. I strive through my art and creative consultations to assist people in finding beauty in their selves and surroundings, no matter where they are. I use my art as a bridge for the imagination and the heart and as an inspiration for connection with self and the dance of being in relationship with others.


The Santa Rosa Labyrinth©

by Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.

The Santa Rosa design is but one in the lineage of the many labyrinths created over the past three to five thousand years in all parts of the world. It was the first of a wave of neo-medieval designs, created since the mid-nineties in the United States by diverse labyrinthers for different needs and styles. These contemporary designs meld together the seven circuits of the classical labyrinth and the quarter and half turns of the ancient medieval labyrinths.


A Labyrinth of Stone…

I recently had the honor to create a custom design for a private home and property here in Sonoma County. This labyrinth is a unique design that incorporates the qualities of a traditional labyrinth but is a direct reflection of the land it emerged from, as well as the heart-desire of the property owner and steward of this labyrinth.